Promising young talent, Melina Tobiana has just signed on with Outnote label and will launch her first album Melina Tobiana in the spring 2015. This multi-faceted singer who composes, writes and is also an excellent pianist, plays in quintets or trios. Jazzia Prod is happy to represent this beautiful artist.  


Born and raised in a family of artists, Melina Tobiana showed very early a great interest in singing and music, and her parents offered her piano lessons. After 12 years of classical piano studies at the National Conservatory of La Courneuve Aubervilliers (France), she took Vocal Jazz lessons at the Institut for Artistic and Cultural Perception in Paris, where she studied improvisation, scenic expression and where she improved her vocal technique and ear-training.

With this experience, she started to sing in several Parisian cabarets: les Trois Maillets, le Chat Noir, le Petit Pont, etc. During this period, she played with Benoît Daniel Emmanuel Sourdeix and Mike Torjman. Meanwhile, she worked in clubs and cafés-concerts, singing jazz standards, soul and bossa nova, thus creating a rich and varied repertoire. She continued to refine her voice and ear with professors Eric Tavelli and Letitzia Morelli.

At 27, Melina Tobiana has been noticed by some Jazz greats such as Leon Parker (renowned American drummer with whom she worked for 2 years), Jerome Barde, Laurent Fickelson, etc. 2014 marks the release of Melina Tobiana, a debut album of original compositions, on the record label Outnote.

In quintet (modular formation):

  • Emmanuel Duprey: piano
  • Martin Guimbellot: double bass
  • Rémy Voide: drums
  • Stephan Moutot: tenor sax


29 Janvier 2016, Le Fil Saint Etienne (42)
14 Février 2016, Le Duc des Lombards, Paris (75)
26 avril 2016, Eaubonne Jazz, Eaubonne (95)

Discography Melina Tobiana (2015, Outnote)

Cover Mélina Tobiana

Associations (2013, self-produced)