Franco-American Quintet

The Flail is the link between North-America and France. Though their orchestrations remind us of a traditional jazz spirit, their repertoire is part of a more modern line. After many tours and after having recorded several albums in France and in the United States, The Flail now wishes to express its jazz throughout Asia. They are currently preparing a new album.


Formed in 2000 by talented musicians graduated from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City, The Flail performs in the most prestigious jazz scenes of New York and Europe for more than 10 years.

Their repertoire consists of sophisticated, original compositions written in group or individually by each member, who can thus express himself freely.

The Flail released 4 albums: Live in France (2002), recorded during a concert in Grenoble, France, Never Fear (2006), recorded at Acousti Studios in Paris, France, Live At Smalls (2008), recorded live at Smalls in NYC, and The Flail (2010), released on the Smalls Records label.

A new album is currently in preparation.

In 2002, the band is chosen to perform at a young talent showcase at Carnegie Hall.


  • Brian Marsella: piano
  • Reid Taylor: double bass
  • Matt Zebroski: drums
  • Dan Blankinship: trumpet
  • Stephan Moutot: saxophone


Flail 2014

  Live At Smalls (2010) The Flail Cover
  Live in France (2002) live in france
  The Flail (2008) flail-1
  Never Fear (2006) THE-FLAIL-Never-fear-Believe





Karl Stark of the Philadelphia Inquirer  

“The Flail is a quintet composed of post-music-school cats in their early 30s who rip up the joint… A touch experimental, a bit cacophonous, The Flail artfully lives up to its name.”

Dennis Cook of

“Sometimes playing it straight is good, and in the case of The Flail it’s very good… Despite a name that suggests spastic movement this is measured, gorgeously executed and warm… [They] move with seamless, telepathic grace, each accenting and lifting the other’s contributions splendidly…”

Michel Bedin of Jazz Hot

“What a magnificent discovery! What good there is, in my job as a critic, is that sometimes, far too rarely, one discovers a group like The Flail… Their jazz is consonant, inventive, and never falls into easy effects or sounds unpleasing to the ear.  

Jazz legend Kenny Barron

“I’d pay good money to see these guys play.”

Jazz legend Junior Mance

“The best young group I’ve heard in years. A real BAND.”